Computer won't boot with SSD plugged in?

Hey guys

Not sure how to explain this.

Unfortunately my old HDD conked out a couple of weeks ago (something about unreadable sectors).

I bought a new HDD but I also bought a new SSD 120GB. Figuring I'll install the OS on there.

I installed the new HDD and the new SSD, both are inserted into my computer but it literally turns on for a split second and goes of, the fans don't even have time to start spinning.

Now when I take the SSD out the computer boots up no problem. I tried changing the SATA cables round but no such luck. I tried moving the SSD to a different slot in the case but no luck. The case has a built in SSD slot on the top so i tried to insert the SSD while the computer was running, it instantly shuts down.

No idea what else I can do. Does the SSD have a fault or is the computer shorting somewhere?

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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    Try taking the HDD out and only have the SSD installed in the first sata port, ususally sata0. Go into bios first and set up ahci mode and whatever else might need to be set up. Then install windows. After MB drivers are loaded and comp is running OK, install the HDD into another sata port. See if that works. What MB, hdd, ssd and etc do you have?
  2. What you describe is the PS detecting a fault/short and shutting down.
    So the SSD is the first suspect. I wouldn't keep trying it. Maybe see if one of the pins is bent?

    You could install just the OS (not connected to the net) on the HDD and check out the system from there and if it checks out, RMA the SSD and migrate the install to the replacement SSD when you get it.
  3. I will try your suggestion spooky2th with the SSD in the first sata port. Then that was going to be my back up plan rwinches but I'm not sure how to migrate the OS onto the SSD.

    If i do have to send the SSD back it will be the last time I buy from CCL. To many times I've had to send components back because of faulty issues when buying from them
  4. Okay Spooky2th I took out the SATA cable and power lead for the HDD and put them into the SSD. The computer boots up no problem. But this presents a new problem. When I install the OS onto the SSD, I will not be able to use the HDD because the SATA cable is now being used for the SSD. assuming this is a SATA cable problem, I do not have any more SATA cables.
  5. What were you using for the sata to begin with? Load windows, drivers and etc onto the ssd, get your comp running right and then install the hdd into the next sata port and boot. Hopefully you should have no problems. If the HDD is new you will most likely have to go into disk management and create a new partition of the drive, quick format it and give it a letter so windows can see it.
  6. I was using the cable that came with the built in SSD slot of the case. At the moment, windows is installing onto the SSD. I just hope I can use the activation key again because its the same OS I used for my fist HDD that is now bust.
  7. Measure the voltages at the SATA power cable. Some modular cables are pinned incorrectly, causing 12V to appear on the 5V supply, or a reverse voltage to appear on the 5V supply.
  8. You should be able to use the activation key again because you are using the same MB. If you don't have cables, you can purchase them most anywhere that sell comp parts. Newegg has sata cables for good prices. You should have an extra power plug from the PSU for power. Just plug the HDD into the next sata port or any other sata port after you have windows and MB drivers installed.
  9. Computer is up and running. Think the power cable that leads from the SSD slot on the case is faulty. I just swapped them round, computer is up and running with SSD and HDD intact.

    Thank you for everyones help
  10. Nice. And good info to know. Thanks...
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