Looking for decent ultrabook under $400

I am looking for an Ultrabook from a reputable online retailer. I would prefer the Ultra book to be around @2ooish, but I will look at any Ultrabook below $400.

Now, for Ultrabooks, I need a 14 inch or larger display (But below 17 inches) any brand (except Acer.) I will accept around this price range.

The only real requirement I have is that the Ultrabook have at least decent GPU and CPU for a modest gaming experience. Especially for Emulators. I am not looking to run Metro in 1280p at 120fps with 8xAA. I am just looking for something that could run a gamecube or something similar.

Thank you for the help in advance.
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  1. yeah running dolphin is hard enough on a dual core desktop (for me) $400 for an ultrabook won't run that at all, it'll just lag and melt.
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