Urgent Help needed. Laptop does not recognize the hard drives.

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I have a M17x R3 alienware laptop. During start up, I went to F2 (setup) and I accidentally pressed F9 (Setup Defaults) not knowing what it was.... Now my computer does not recognize any hard drivers and none of them are there. I'm not familiar with RAID, SATA, all the other things. I have a regular hard drive in the 0 slot and a ssd in the 1 slot. I went to "Boot device Priority" and only 'Network' and 'CD/DVD/BD' shows up. How to do I fix this? Please help me

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    Chances are, you were running in AHCI mode and the setup defaults switched your SATA controller to IDE mode. You may or may not have lost the data on those hard drives, sorry to say. There are ways of recovering it if you can move the drives to another operational computer, though. Try setting it back first, though.

    OK, so when you boot into your BIOS, you need to go into the different menus until you see an option called "SATA OPERATION". Switch this from IDE to AHCI. Save and exit. And pray.
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