Please help me diagnose my BSOD issue

Hi there,
Today I built myself a new gaming pc i5 4670k msi z87 -g45 mobo gtx770 graphics corsair 16gb lp 1600mhz ram and corsair rm 550 psu, I started with a problem where after installing the gpu driver that came with the disk my computer wouldnt load, which was fixed by booting in safe mode and installing the latest chipset driver and an up to date gpu driver from nvidia, i thought this was the end of my gpu woes, atleast i hopes because my track record with gigabyte cards hasnt been very good, (couldnt resist the offer of a 4gb board for £300 though) anyway im now getting random BSOD, its not too often to stop me gaming but its gotten more frequent in the last hour and id like to put a stop to it early, At first i thought it could be an overheating problem with the gpu but the card isnt warm to the touch, could the problem be with my PSU? I have the fan set up to pull warm air away from my gpu but a feature on the rm 550 means its fan doesnt kick in until its under load, could the warm-ish gpu air flowing through my psu cause a BSOD? Im quite confused that the rm550's fan isnt kicking up though ive been playing diablo 3 on highest settings at 2560x1440 for around 4 hours now in between crashes.

Any information would be greatly appreciated, sorry for the wall of text.
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  1. To find out the cause I need you to copy the dump files onto the desktop. Compress them into a .zip archive then upload them to a website like then post the link.
  2. Just from looking at his specs, I think his PS is too weak. Do you have all the auxilliary connections made to the GPU, and possibly Motherboard? Was this a fresh install of windows? All updates, and latest drivers as well? And like TheMooMoo said, some information from your Bluescreens would be beneficial.
  3. Yeah, I don't think 550 watts is enough for that CPU and GPU.
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