Bottleneck question PLEASE HELP!

Hey, I am just wondering if my CPU will bottle neck my GPU (or vise-versa)

I will be playing games such as BF4, Skyrim, COD Ghosts, and maybe ARMA 2

Here are my specs;
Sapphire OC R9-270 2Gb
630w psu
ASUS M5A97 R2.0
650gb HDD

I may upgrade to the 270x but I heard it wasn't really worth it, and I will definitely be upgrading the RAM very soon.

All help is greatly appreciated, Thank you.
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    On games that are a lot more demanding on the CPU than the GPU, you might start to see a little bit of bottlenecking on the CPU, but for the most part, in the majority of the games, you won't see a difference. And even on those CPU instensive games... they would still work, so does bottlenecking even matter ?
  2. Thank you. Also do you think it would be worth buying the 270x, the performance difference is almost Unnoticeable
  3. You'll get about 10% performance boost on the 270x compared to the 270. Up to you to see if it's worth the 20% price increase, from $180 for the 270 to $220 270x.
  4. Thank you for your help!
  5. No problem, I'm here for that, sir.
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