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Hello I have a problem. I want to be able to hook up my ps3 to my pc monitor. The monitor doesnt have an HDMI. I understand that I need to get and adapter and ik how to do it but the other problem that I have is my monitor has no speakers and my speakers are kinda weird and dont have a 3.5 hook up and my ps3 doesnt have a hook up either. Can anyone help me out? Thanks in advance.
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    HDMI and dvi use the same signal format, and the same number of pins to transmit video, so a simple cable can convert a HDMI device into a dvi device.
    The audio gets more tricky as you need a box to interpret the digital signal and output the analog signal, and that would be the most expensive part
    To get it set up do this:
    PS3 HDMI cord plugs in the input of this
    Plug the HDMI side of this into the HDMI out, and the dvi end to the monitor
    And then plug headphones or speakers into the audio box
  2. the least expensive method would be for you to get a bluetooth headset - use it for the audio, and have video only goto the monitor via an HDMI to DVI adapter
  3. Thank you guys for the help. One last thing though. Are these things I could pick up at my local best buy?
  4. I don't know about the audio device, they might or might not have it. That might be a mail order thing.

    But they should have the dvi to HDMI cable
  5. I just went to best buy and got the adapter they didnt have to audio thing but i figured out i could just hook it up to my amp. So sound works but with my 1920x1080p monitor its doing something weird its not blurry but i see constent flashing small green pixal dots and sometime green pixal lines how do i fix this?
  6. Okay now I just screwed it up entirely. I held the ps3 power button in for 3 sec cuz thats how you set it to the tv or whatever main setting and now there is no visual what so ever just a static-y picture set at 720x480 and I cant set it back
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