Future SLI with reference ASUS GTX 780 Ti and matrix platinum GTX 780 Ti

Hi, I'm currently running a system with a watercooled reference asus gtx 780 ti and since I was planning to upgrade in the future, i was wondering if i would be able to run it in SLI with the new matrix platinum card from asus since they're technically still the same card, thanks
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  1. If your board and PSU support it, then yes.
  2. My board is the ASUS Maximus VI Formula with two x16 slots and an x8 slot, so it supports SLI and I have a Corsair RM1000 power supply which can support up to 3 graphics cards I believe, so as long as there are no issues with the fact that i'm using different models of the same chip then it should be fine yeah?
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    Yup, perfectly fine.
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