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Setting Up Internet Between XP And Windows 7 using router.

Last response: in Networking
March 23, 2014 1:53:00 AM

See My isp Is GTTPL And You Can Search About it on internet...... but now the problem i am facing is that i have put the wire in the router and then i have i connected one port to my PC Having XP Configuration and it works and i am able to access the internet after creating a connection and putting my username and password ....... but then i have given a connection through a wire to my friend and he has windows 7 In his PC When i repeated the same steps of creating a connections and putting in the username and password in his PC . It Stops In Between At The Stage Of Verifying username And Password and gives error 691........ How To Overcome This ????

Best solution

March 23, 2014 2:45:40 AM

Well done but you should list the actual brand of the router used and the model number.

Are you sure it is a router.
If it is then the config of the router is set wrong.

It is likely that the Dhcp of the router is not enabled by default.

Dhcp may be disabled in favor of a static set IP adress.
Meaning only one computer can connect to the modem or router at any one given time. It may also be locked to one mac address of a network adapter.

You should check on the board band service you have with the company if it is for a single static connection/ one computer or multiple computers.

I know services in India, depending on the price of the package use these policy's.
So you need to check.

If static, it will not let another pc use the connection.

It must be routed through a router with Dhcp enabled as part of the router.
so the actual Isp only ever sees the one IP adress it gave being used.

Example : Internet ip: Static: one computer

Routed via a router.Internet ip: Static
Dhcp enabled in router.

Gives each machine an IP. and for two machines requested.

Both requesting Internet routed to Wan Ip or ISP address Isp sees it as one device.

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