toshiba c850 crashed, tried all the help listed here, got into bio, reset every it said to, got to the recovery wizard, starte

Wasnt finished above, on tablet trying to get help for toshiba c850 recovery..I got to the wizard clicked the last one to restore my laptop to factory default software, so used my disks for my old laptop, W7 instead of W8 as I dont like it, anyway, it copied first disk, then kicked out asking for next disk, etc, only kept this up for 14 times before I finally cancelled the process, as my recovery disks for W7 are a set of still have no laptop.....:(:(:( HELP?????
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  1. What was the original OS on the laptop? This will determine if you can install/re-install Windows 7 on your Toshiba c850. From what I have seen it came with Windows 8. Let us know so we can further assist you.
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