Looking for future proof components $500-$580 budget

I am going to the USA and i have been saving some money to spend on hardware as i need to upgrade my pc but i have a $500-$580 budget my current spec's are ( i built my pc a while ago and forgot some part's) 8GB 1888mhz corsair vengeance ram AMD Athlon II x4 640 Gpu : HD6770 OC 770Watt PSU 1Tb samgsung HDD and 120GB HDD and a AM3+ Socket mobo it's some thing like M5 USB 3.0 Asus. So i need help i am thinking about getting an LGA 1155 mobo and Intel i7 4770k cpu but then i wont be able to get a new Gpu and i want to be able to play on ultra with atleast 50-40fps please help or should i just get a PS4?
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    I would consult or for computer component prices in the USA.
    I would consult this page to select the best GPU for your individual budget.,3107-8.html
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