Cheap Gaming Keyboard.

Hey, so less than 24 hours ago i got my computer fixed (in a third world country for a while so its a big deal) i mostly play lan games with my bro right now, but long story short i need a external keyboard. will be buying within the next 48 hours or less.

My dad will be buying it for me so i cant get anything super expensive, I've seen all the good big-brand ones, but i need something cheaper (maybe under $50?) doesn't need the extra number pad or macros, and id like it to be mechanical (cherry mx blues <3)

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  1. Most , or maybe all , mechanical keyboards are above 90usd . They're not as cheap as the rubber membrane ones. A cheap Keyboard and Mouse set would be the CM Storm Devastator. the Logitech G105 , Corsair K30 , and microsoft sidewinder are usually a little more expensive, but offer more features
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