Intel 3.6 GHz LGA 2011 i7 4960X 4th Generation Processor

What is the big deal with this CPU ?? Can my FX 8350 handle same situation as this CPU ??
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  1. the big deal is 4960x have higher performance then your fx 8350, and it a lot more expensive too.
  2. I'm not entirely sure what you mean, but the 4960x will outperform the 8350 in most situations if that's the question.
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    Pointless + overpriced.

    The $400 cheaper i7-4930K (which performs almost the same, but doesn't have the 'i7 Extreme' bling) is a reasonable choice in some situations, though, and would absolutely toast the 8350 in every situation.
  4. The 4930k will always obliterate the 8350 in every situation, but it costs about 3-4 times more. The 4960X is way overpriced if using it on a gaming build. In fact, the only purpose LGA 2011 serves is 40 lanes of PCI-E support, which allows for the use of multiple GPUs without being starved of bandwidth.
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