Another Failed Install 'Load Driver' - A required CD/DVD device driver is missing if you have etc...

Hey all could i please get some help installing windows 7 pro 64bit version i have tried the following below.

My System Specs are as follows:
Intel Core i5 4670K LGA1150 CPU 3.4ghz
Gigabute Nvidia GTX660
Corsair Hydro Series H55
Cosiar 16GB (2x8gb) DDR 1600mhz
Kingston 120G HyperX SSD SATA 3

I downloaded two official iso's X17-59186.iso & X17-24281.iso both Windows 7 Pro 64bit. I downloaded the latter because i read the install only had this error on the latest X17-59186.iso.
I had to modify both install iso's to put them to a USB. I used PowerISO (full version) and selected all three options in image properties ISO 9660, Joilet, UDF.

Used a 8 gig sandisk cruzer - i couldn't get the Windows7-USB-DVD-tool so i used rufus-1.4.6
File system was NTFS. Couldn't find exact settings for partition scheme and target type so i used
MBR partition scheme for BIOS or UEFI computers - turns out ASUS B85M-G is a UEFI mobo anyway.

I then tried a 4 gig generic stick with FAT32 with the rufus tool and had no luck. Read about somewhere that 8 gigs had trouble with the windows tool so i tried again with the 4 gig stick.

Used the Windows7-USB-DVD-tool on the 4 gig stick and got it to work with X17-59186.iso with the tool.

I still keep getting the Driver error. So i changed my drive to IDE from AHCI. Later changing this back as i read a later article about trim not working. (i know you can manually check and enable later if needed but i am not sure about the latter if this affects the drives performance).

I also unplugged the DVD drive thinking it could be the issue not compatible with windows 7.

Also tried every install attempt to move the USB from a different port after hitting cancel. Starting with a 3.0 port to a 2.0 port. Then kept moving to every port following the persistence pays off routine.

I also tried to move the SSD to a laptop which had windows 7 pro 64bit on already on it. Removed the drive tried SSD. No luck. Then tried using a remote drive docking station and mounting drive in there and couldn't install.

The SSD has been formated to NTFS with a single partition within the CMD promt using diskpart command. Have selected SSD from 'within' diskpart as well.
I can see my SSD every time i hit browse for driver and it shows in BIOS constantly.

I have downloaded the Mobo drivers and put them on a separate USB to select but every one i selected doesn't resolve the problem (sorry for being vague as tried alot). Latest drivers from ASUS were tried.

Also updated the BIOS to the latest BIOS available.

Have selected the USB drive as first boot device and also have changed the SSD sata port from 1 to 2 (SATA 6GB/S ports) (Haven't tested the 3GB/s ones yet actually...although its all the same controller..).

Any other things for me too try would be greatly appreciated. Have thought about buying windows 8 but as a last resort. Also i am getting a copy of windows 7 that a mate has to try that so will see what happens.. tommorow.

Sorry for lack of details will post more if req about bios settings etc but need to goto bed is 12 at night here is OZ.
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  1. Did you try burning the ISO's to a DVD instead of trying to boot off USB?
  2. Alec Mowat said:
    Did you try burning the ISO's to a DVD instead of trying to boot off USB?

    Yeah but only after i modified the iso going to try re-download now from

    the other iso which was older or so i believe is

    I got mates install disk turns out it was a 32bit version. I got my hopes up and everything when it installed first try... only noticed it was 32bit when there was no x86 program files folder.. Will keep trying and keep you posted.

    Side note: Now that i have the 32bit version installed need to research options from there as well..(windows upgrade is a no go).
  3. Fixed - Borrowed Neighbours version (Windows 7 Pro X64 OEM) install DVD. Then installed via DVD media and worked first go.. go figue 2 days down the drain.. hope this helps others probably won't as i took the easy way out :I
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