TechPowerUp GPU-Z Stats?

Hi guys!

How are my GPU stats?

I've been having a few issues recently and I'm not exactly sure if its hardware related! :<

If I can get some answers/opinions regarding to my gpu stats, that would be great!

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  1. What exactly is the issue you're having?
  2. I didn't mean to pick you as the 'best solution'. Miss-click..

    Anyways. Did you not see the link????????

    I presume you did see if you're asking me that question and I suppose that means my computer is fine? Even though it shuts-down after a while and is freezing randomly??? OK.

    I will elaborate the issue as my link is useless and a fail.

    So, the issue I'm having is I suppose hard-ware related? It's a built computer. It was built by a friend, didn't have issue until recently. The thing is, the computer starts to like lag or something.... Even when I'm not running any application/programs....

    Like if I drag a random app across the desktop you could see like multiple traces of the same program..I think it has something to do with the graphics card.... Not 100% sure... Or maybe how its been clocked? Not much a pc expert or anything.

    I will try to get more details from the error next time. I've just given up and I'm my laptop now... Also having an issue with my laptop, its like making a loud noise, coming from the bottom left side...Probably the fan, not even sure. I've never opened up the laptop and cleaned it. Is it possible that may be the issue? Like if dust is accumulated and what not?

    Anyways, too much now for a response, I will respond later if necessary, I was really hoping you'd get some info from those gpu stats :(
  3. If the system shuts down, could be heat issues, bad video card, RAM, several other things, up to and including the motherboard and power supply. Are you overclocking anything? If you are, stop and check things again.

    Post full specs of your system also so we know what we're looking at here.

    Make sure the case and fans are clean. Did you do a full virus and malware scan? If not, do that.

    Check exactly when it locks up, during things like videos or games? Or just when opening basic web sites or documents?
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