Partitioned drive not recognized by win 8

One of my drives is divided into 1 TB, and 2 TBs. This was fine with Win 7, but Win 8.1 does not recognize the 1 TB partition. It has it listed as not allocated, and offers no selections to fix it. I cannot reformat, as there are files on that drive I need. How do I fix? 3rd party software?

So far, I do not like 8.1. I cannot access my programs easily, and exploring a disc is not very clear. Can anyone recommend a good book on Win 8.1?
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  1. Try enabling UEFI in the BIOS.

    Also did you install Win 8 to the disk? If so it likely initialized the drive as MBR, which doesn't support drives bigger than 2Tb, thus limiting the size of the drive and misunderstanding the second partition. It needs to be GPT instead.
  2. "Can anyone recommend a good book on Win 8.1?"

    Yes, it's called "How to downgrade to Windows 7".
  3. My BIOS does not offer UEFI. My copy of 8 is on a separate drive. The drive in question was partitioned/formatted under 7. I still run 7 on my PC on yet again a different drive. I do not want to re-format the partition, as there are files I need on it....will I have to hook up yet another HD and transfer the files....then re-partition and re-install?
  4. Most likely, Yes.
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