Suggestions on a motherboard for very low budget PC

I've heard bad things about that motherboard and I'm thinking of buying an asus or msi motherboard as they seem more reliable. Any suggestions?

And don't mention that I am missing a psu and OS etc cause I already have those parts to use.
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  1. I would maybe suggest an asus motherboard this one is compatable with the processor your using and has good reviews on ebuyer
  2. heres the link for that board on the site your using
  3. Base your choice on the reviews! Matt's suggestion is a good one, as most buyers were satisfied with how the motherboard has been handling so far. If you're ever unsure about motherboards priced similarly, just read the reviews. There'll always be DOA's, but when 50% are DOA, or if there's a few that have a problem with the board frying other parts, determine whether it's worth saving that few bucks. I use MSi and the most trouble I've ever had with their motherboards was compatibility with other parts, an easy fix as opposed to a motherboard that kills my RAM or CPU in a few days (What I collected from Newegg reviews on the ASRock motherboard you chose).
  4. I've had an asus for over two years now and had no problems at all, running it with an I5 quad core processor, and R9 graphics its been great!, I'd just go for an asus if I was you its the best motherboard out there within that price range. Just make sure you use an antistatic rist band when doing the installation and you'll be fine, and install the motherboards grounding correctly, and make sure you fit the cpu cooling correctly, most people fry things by not taking the correct steps during installation and just blame this on the boards themselfs
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    I think generally most motherboards will be ok, but I would recommend in general an asus in this circumstance
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