Low Ping, but connection Problems in Black ops 2 and titanfall

hey, i have a low ping - pingtest says 0 packetloss, 10ms and 2ms jitter. but since titanfall is out i get "connection interrupted" errors around 10-15 times per tdm match in blops 2. same for titanfall. i don't know what to do. my nat is open. no firewall or any other obstructions - my router is set to upnp.

i also tried port forwarding but the only effect was that my nat turned strict. well - upnp should do the trick...

and - i didn't change any settings except for installing titanfall (during the beta i didn't experience any lag whatsoever - not in black ops 2 mp or in titanfall.)

i was playing zombies yesterday with a friend - i had a ping of 10-15 and he had a ping of 60. i didn't experience any lag then.
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  1. Your ping test looks good. You might want to try a buffer test and see what it says: http://n3.netalyzr.icsi.berkeley.edu/info_buffer.html
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