Problems with Windows 8 hanging and can't restart or refresh


I'm currently having huge issues with Windows 8.1

The first issue is the common problem with shutting down and restarting. Whenever I do either of these the screen says 'restarting' but never actually does anything. I have to use the power button.

I have tried a couple of things with this, tried changes under 'choose what power buttons do', tried a command line, and also tried to shutdown with a windows shortcut. Neither of these worked.

I also had problems when installing certain programs, I'd click on the installer but nothing would happen.

Because of this I tried to refresh Windows without affecting files. After pushing the 'get started' button it just hung on the 'preparing' stage and nothing happened. Similiar problems with @open system restore' not responding.

I am usually able to solve any problems with my PC with reading other peoples Q & As on forums, but this time I was so stuck I had to ask myself

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  1. any thoughts on this one?

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