looking to buy a psu for asus p5kpl am ps with gtx 660

i am planning to buy a corsair cx 430 for my brother's asus p5kpl amps motherboard ; core 2 duo e7500 running at 2.93 ghz; and a gtx 650 ti
Till now the gtx 650 was running on molex but now i want to upgrade the psu.can u pla help me that whether the cx430 is compatible with the mobo
I have read at 2 places on net that the p5kpl amps is not powering up with the cx430
I dont know whether the cx430 is V1 OR V2
I will be buying it frm here...
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    Yes it's compatible if it's version 2 and will run your specs easily.

    Power Pin
    24 Pin
    < The CX430 has the power connection and has more than enough power for your specs.

    CX430 version 2 ^
  2. thanxx but i am not sure if it is version 2 thats listed on the link i have given...can u plz help me out
  3. Here's version 2:

    Corsair Builder Series CX430 V2 430W Power Supply (CMPSU-430CXV2)
  4. The CX430 is a decent budget psu and should work for you.
  5. Theitdepot doesnt ship to my address can u confirm the one given below whether it is V1 or V2
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