Need Help For A Graphics Card FX 8350

I need help with getting the best graphics card for my money I have a budget of £150

My rig:

FX 8350
1tb Hard drive
Optical drive

And a cit vantage case
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  1. And a HP 2010i monitor with a max resolution of 1600x900
  2. for around that price, i'd go for the r9 270x
  3. Look for a 270x that will fit in your case.
  4. Will it fit in my pc case (CiT Vantage case)
  5. Your psu will run any card that fits your budget.
    Read this tom's article, and adjust for your local prices.,3107.html

    If this is a new build, prefer a 2 x 4gb ram kit to get faster dual channel operation.
  6. Thank you I will now get the r9 270x and play battlefield 4!!
  7. Best answer
    Good choice it's a nice card.
  8. will there any problem if i use 2 monitors the other monitor max resolution is 1280x1024 its a dell E173FP
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