Toshiba L300 Wont Boot up & Fan Stops

i have a Toshiba L300 and when i press the power button the laptop starts to power up with the fan moving and a slight flash shows up on the screen like as if its trying to show something and then the fan stops and shuts down. the LED light shows that it has power going through when i have the charger plugged in. does anyone have any suggestions?

thanks. rob.
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  1. Construkt said:
    Either there is a RAM issue, or a fan isn't plugged in/is dead.

    just replaced the fan and to no avail, still does the same thing
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    Hi, it's difficult to find the defective part with that kind of problem. You have to check voltages to find the defective part. It can be overheating, verify the fan for dust or a blockage. Also you can verify the voltage from the adapter, the right voltage is written on the adapter itself.
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