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Hey guys im in need of a decent monitor for fps games. Im currently a high elo player in league but im going to switch to shooters and atm i dont have a hdmi monitor So i was trying to buy the best for the money i have to spend. i have around 180 dollars to spend on it but i could probably get atleast 200 for it. 1-2 ms would be idle but if there is a 120hz monitor for cheap ill deff take a look at that aswell. Thanks for all the help whoever posts :D
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    Probably best bet for a budget gaming monitor- colors are not real vibrant but it's good otherwise.
  3. hmm they both look good. Just wish it wasnt 269.99. Idk tho i may have to just wait till i can afford that
  4. it depends on your choice budget and requirement bro . .
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