I have 2 different networks, one for work and one for home. Is it possible to set my laptop to automatically switch between st

Networking regarding static, and dynamic, ip address settings on multiple networks.
I have 2 different networks, one for work and one for home. Is it possible to set my laptop to automatically switch between static ip address (home network) and dynamic ip address (work network)?
I ask this because my home network always conflicts if i leave it to the DHCP to assign me an IP, hence setting a static IP address is better.
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  1. Can't you reserve a non-conflicting address on your router at home so your laptop always gets the IP address you want it to?
  2. yeah i can but my dad and brother both are on dynamic (and dont want to change) so i always end up conflicting with them :) also, my dad's not really happy with reserving an ip for me either haha.
    BUT, i am considering doing that, its just i was wondering if i could set this scenario up instead of bothering my dad :p
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    Uhmmm.. unless your included software (for example Intel Wireless Adapter software) has profiles to set those up, or if you use the Wireless Wizard in Windows itself, but I am guessing your talking WIRED. Wired connections, NO, not normally (again there is business software that used to be out for NICs that did that).

    The problem with your home network is resolvable if you go into the router and put the DHCP settings to 'RENEW" every 12 hours or so. This will cause any devices connected, to be demanded to 'refresh' their IP, thus not causing a 'conflict' just because you try and connect.

    That would be the easiest solution then trying to maintain 'Hard' addresses (static IP) for mobile devices (laptop).
  4. thanks for your help guys :) been wondering about this for ages, but i guess i'll just have to discuss router settings with my pa.
  5. Setting up your laptop with a reserved IP won't affect his dynamic IP at all.
  6. @ss202sl: yes it does especially for wired networks (which I made a point for), because if your home network is 192.168.1.x but when he goes to work the DHCP range is 10.10.250.x then his device wont' "see" or be allowed on the network because he is on a 'different' network range that doesn't' correlate to any network topology at work.
  7. That's only for a static IP. I'm suggesting reserving a IP address in the router for DHCP(specifically for your laptop) that will always assign the laptop the same IP address that won't conflict. You can do this for a wireless connection.
  8. @ss202sl Sorry misread that as static IP in the laptop not reserved IN the router. Yes that would involve using the MAC addressing to assign that MAC a specific IP address, but also settings the DHCP to release instead of 'indefinitely' assigning IPs would be the better solution, as that issue (DHCP not refreshing) is a more critical problem as it leads to multiple devices affected, as well as can 'crash' the network as it 'runs out' of IPs. Apparently the OP is a 'kid' whom needs his Dad's permission and access to do anything in the router, so all this is rather mute. The OP was looking for a 'Windows Fix' to his issue on his laptop only.
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