Bought Memory for a Dell Inspiron 580s, and upon installation, the computer will not boot

I bought This kingston hyperx memory for my Inspiron 580s with windows 7 64bit

ANNNNDDDD it is not working. I took out all of the previous memory(3 2GB) and wanted to install this set to slightly upgrade, as well as allow for a future upgrade. Did i choose the wrong type? or is something wrong with my board?
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    The Inspiron 580 is only specced for 8GB total (4x2GB). While some have reported being able to install 4x4GB (16GB) there's no guarantee that it will work in every case. You may well have one that won't do 2x4GB.
  2. Gotcha, Thats kind of a bummer. I guess I just went the optimistic route and it failed XD. Thanks fr the input!
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