How to active/format? Hard drive so I can save stuff to it from this screen?

Sorry if I chose the wrong forum but I was unsure as to which forum to choose for this question.

But I have 2 hard drives, an SSD and a regular one. As you can see from my computer, only my SSD 120gb is available right now-

As you can see on my SSD is available. Now I know I got to the right screen here, but my 1 TB hard drive is available from the disk management, I don't know how to activate/format it (I don't know the correct phrase to use here) Here is a picture-

Thank you all.
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    I see a system reserved on the hard drive, but not the SSD. Normally that would be on the SSD too.

    First thing I would do is shut down and disconnect the power from the hard drive to ensure the system boots without it.

    Now you can shut down and recommend the hard drive.

    If it did not boot you will want to make sure you do NOT remove that system reserve partition(you can fix it, but lets get your setup running for now).

    Just right click that unallocated section and New Simple Volume to use that space. You should be able to quick format that new partition and give it a drive letter and be off to the races so to speak.

    I highly recommend you move over your documents and other personal folders to the hard drive.

    goto c : \ user \ your name \and right click on a folder you want to move and select properties. Now use the location tab to move it to the new partition you made.

  2. So remove the Sata cable and power supply cable from the 1 TB hard drive and see if the system actually boots up?

    Not very tech savvy so I may ask redundant questions D:
  3. It is ok.

    Yes that is exactly what I want you to do(make sure it is shut all the way off not sleep/hibernate).

    Windows boots off the system reserved partition on most systems. Since you seem to only have one on the hard drive. I want to see if Windows is using it or not.

    The "Normal" way it looks.
  4. OK I removed the two cables and it did not boot. I got this message.

    reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key

    I just reconnected them, I am now back on my computer right now.

    Just letting you know my OS is installed on the SSD, don't know if you needed that info or not.
  5. So what would be next if my system didn't boot D:

    Thank you for the help by the way :)
  6. Ok now that you know the system does not boot without the hard drive you want to make a simple volume in the unallocated space and NOT touch that system reserved partition.

    If you remove that system reserved partition, your system will fail to boot. so just make the new simple volume in the unallocated space.
  7. So I right click the unallocated section and click New Simple Volume, but what volume size do I choose? All of it?
  8. Gives me a maximum of 953766 MB
  9. Right click the unallocated space and select New Simple Volume

    Like this image. It was for something else(another users question here), but gives you an idea what you want to see.
  10. Use the max it gives you.
  11. Assign drive letter or path?
  12. Yes. Windows should pick a letter by default, or just pick whatever you want(I like d:, but sometimes the dvd drive or flash card readers may already have that letter.).

    If you want to, I can tell you how to move the DVD drive to another letter. It is not required, but if you want to know :)
  13. Here is a photo of what it looks like now, is it correct now?-

    I also now have access on 'My Computer' to a 931 GB drive, I assume that it was I was aiming for with this thread yes?
  14. Yeah that is just what you want.

    The system should not have any issues booting because the system reserved was left in place and you can not store files on the hard drive.
  15. Thank you so much!

    This was my first computer I built and it now looks like I can finally use it to its full potential :D
  16. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to start a thread here and we will try to help you out.

    For future screen shots, make the Window smaller so that your image host does not shrink them so much. Just makes it more easy.

    This small image shows as much information, but should be more easy to see on a web forum because it does not get scaled down.
  17. Yea I realized that I should have just taken smaller shots and cut them apart to what I needed, sorry for making you squint :(
  18. Like I was not blind enough :p

    Anyway, Enjoy.
  19. If you happen to still be here. Would you know how to change my 'default' hard drive? When ever I go to install something it wants to immediately go to my C drive which is my SSD, but I want it to default to my E drive, which is my 1TB drive. :P Last question I swear, if you happen to see this anyway :P
  20. You should make a folder for programs(for the sake of organization) on the hard drive:, but most programs want to default to c : (ssd) and I would just use Custom/advanced Install on programs.

    If you use steam, You can make a game library on e : and just select it when you install a game. This allows steam to be on the SSD and games to be on the hard drive.

    While some registry tricks may make the default location on the other drive, I personally recommend against it as it can cause other problems down the line.

    Just the personal folder locations should be enough for most users.
  21. Ok thank you :)
  22. No problem.
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