What would benefit me more if i were to upgrade it, my cpu or gpu?

I've been thinking about upgrading my pc but i wasnt sure as to what part i should upgrade, My current specs are
gigabyte ga-f2a88xm motherboard
Gigabyte gtx 650 ti 2gb gpu
Amd a10 5800k cpu
antec vp450 450w psu
im planning on either replacing my cpu or gpu which ever i need replacing most, if i replace my cpu id replace it with an fx 6300 and if i replace my gpu id replace it with a gtx 660, which part do you think would help me most?
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  1. the CPU probably, 650ti to 660 will do almost nothing for you
  2. CPU, easily.
  3. i'd start with the CPU. at least when you do upgrade the GPU to something more worthwhile than a 660 it won't hold you back.

    do note if you're upgrading the CPU you'll need a new motherboard.
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    Well you are in a bad spot. Going from a 650ti to a 660 is not going to be a cost effective upgrade for the small performance improvement. You can't get a second 650ti because it doesn't support SLI. Moving from an a10 5800k to an fx-6300 will also require a motherboard change, and I'm not sure if you knew that or not. As far as what I would recommend for upgrades, if your system doesn't have an ssd already that would be a good add in that is well worth the money. Another thing you could do if you haven't already done is get an aftermarket cpu cooler and overclock that unlocked processor you have. Also if you have less than 8gb of ram you could always get some more.

    I hope this helps
  5. If you were on the AM3+ Socket then I could have easily recommended the 6300/Haswell i3 but thats not really an option unless you're willing to switch the mb .

    Although tbh I feel that people exaggerate the CPU requirements these days. Just check out the benchmarks and compare the i3 to the Athlon x4 750k , the difference in performance is roughly around 10-15 FPS , that is quite a lot but its not that relevant when you take into consideration the fact that the Athlon is still doing good with great FPS on average with most of the games , while at the same time still being cheap.

    The reason Im saying compare the Athlon to the i3 is because the Athlon accurately represents the performance of the A10, its basically an A10 with the iGPU disabled.,3584-15.html,3487-15.html

    I'd just sit tight and enjoy the performance of the 650 ti , its not bad , why would u wanna upgrade lol.
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