Trouble finding best gaming PC monitor ($100-200 budget)

After hours of research, i'm having trouble deciding on what kind of monitor to buy and even trouble finding some that fit what I'd like. I've gotten pretty used to glossy screen (not matte) screens and I've taken a liking to how they enhance the color of the image that's displayed. I've gotten so used to it, that looking at matte screens kind of bother me. Unfortunately, though, I've noted that matte screens are apparently more popular (perhaps because they don't give off glares from nearby light sources) but in my case, I usually am on my PC in a dark room with no glare problems whatsoever (I am currently using a glossy monitor). For some reason, finding a glossy monitor that has 1080p resolution and 120hz for $100-200 is extremely difficult. Everything I seem to find are matte finishes, which I'd really prefer to avoid. The other kind of monitor I was looking for was a glossy 1080p IPS monitor (in exchange for the 120hz going to 60hz, the image is supposed to look better). Would it be better to have a better image with less hz, or more hz with less image/color quality?

These are two nice looking matte finished monitors I found, but these are only if I were to get a matte:

The reason it may be difficult to find said monitors is probably because my budget MAY be somewhat low, but I've seen matte finished monitors (as demonstrated above) priced at $130, so a glossy finish couldn't possibly make it so much more expensive. Any help is appreciated. Thanks! :)

P.S. LED/LED LCD monitors are prefered. Maybe this could be the cause of the budget being perhaps too low?

P.S.S. I am planning on using the monitor with an R7 265 if that helps any. I know some people buy monitors in relevance to their gpu!
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  1. I don't know how you like this, but it's on a huge sale and it's amazing. The sale goes away in 1 hour.
    This one is IPS panel.
    Another IPS

    Good luck, I'm off to bed. :)
  2. this bad boy right here
    is probably your best bet. my go to option for all news builds i do, have 2 of them myself, used in over 10 client builds, rock solid, amazing picture, unbeatable price
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