is my power supply good enough for my new pc build?

hi guys!!i have a question!!!i am building a new pc and i already bought the
gpu:gigabyte r9 290 windforce and the power supply:corsair vs 650!!
i want to know if this power supply is good for my new building!!
gpu:gigabyte r9 290 windforce
cpu:intel i7 4820k 2011 socket
motherboard:ashrock x79 extreme6
ram:i allready have kingston hyperx 8gb 1600mhz but i am planning to replace them with kingston beast 16gb 2400mhz
one HDD 1TB,one SSD 240GB,3-4 fans and one dvd rw!!
i also planning to ad a cooler master eisberg 240l if its possible!!!thanks in advance!!!
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  1. it is a tier 3 psu

    definition of a tier 3
    Tier three - Meets standard ATX specifications, though closer to the edges than Tier two units. These are still solid units, which still supply stable power to your system, though not ideal for serious overclocking -

    while not horrible it is not ideal...since you have already bought it, it should supply enough power for your system
  2. thanks for your answer!!!
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