New PC shut down and won't boot up if power is connected to gpu


I finished my pc build earlier today. The entire system ran perfectly when I first booted it up. I spent a few hours downloading drivers, programs, and doing some basic configurations. I then went to start up a game (Counter Strike: Global Offensive). It played for about 10 seconds before my computer immediately shut down. When I tried to boot it again, it wouldn't start up. I turned off the power supply and turn it back on. When I went to boot, the fans stuttered, the led's flashed, and the pc failed to boot. However, when I unplugged the gpu from the psu, the computer booted up perfectly. I was able to run Counter Strike using the integrated graphics and everything. Before I submit an RMA to Newegg for this graphics card, is there any other problem that may be causing this? Anything else I should try? Any ideas what it may be? Thank you for the help!

Note: I replaced this new gpu with an old one I had, and the system booted up fine.

My build looks like this...
cpu: i7 4770k
gpu: msi gtx 760 n760 2GB
psu: corsair hx650
mobo: Asus z87-a
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    It does sound like it is the GPU. It could be the PSU but I doubt it. I would at minimum start with RMAing the GPU as I have seen a bad GPU do that exact issue.
  2. Maybe there is not enough wattage for your graphics card or overheating issues of the graphics card.
  3. Yeah, I really think that it's got to be the gpu. I would suspect the psu if it were old, but all these parts are brand new. And it would at least be able to start the gpu at boot. Sounds like I just got a bad card. The only thing that is strange to me, is that it booted fine the first time. It was only after the first shut down that it started to act like this. Maybe it blew a capacitor or something.
  4. Maybe when the graphics driver has been updated it won't let you boot due to bad video card.

    It happened into my previous video card whenever I install graphics driver the next time you boot it will not continue.
  5. Hmmm...I never thought of that! Thank you for the all the help! I'm gonna go find me a new card!
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