Game freezing with red and blue particles on the screen and sound freezing

i have problem with freezing screen while playning games
when i had a G 210 512MB cards was OK, but when i upgrade to an old GT 8800 1GB i was problem with freezeing
i thought that problem is my PSU ,but when i got a new PSU ,name of psu is: "ACBEL 460W"
again i have problem ,i have also clear my PC from Dust : procesor ,ram,GPU ,power supply ,and problem was solved for 2 weeks ,and after 2 weeks problem appeared again, so i dont know what to do ? where is problem ?
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  1. did you uninstal you 210 drivers and instal drivers for your 8800?
  2. GPU might be dead. If you overclocked it set it to default. If you didn't then it might be overheating. Does 8800gt come with 1gb? i only know of 640 mb max on vram. Might be wrong tho
  3. Try a different PSU if you can. It sounds like a cheapo and may not be putting out power correctly.
  4. That thing is probably only ~300 watt max in reality and manufactured using crap parts. It's actually risky to run your system on that thing. When it goes, it will likely take other hardware with it.
  5. yes i have reinstallDriver ,also i Formated my PC , my GT 8800 is 1GB ,and dont overheated much ,i have seen MAX 70 C ingame
  6. First thing get o good PSU. If you live in the US get a Seasonic or OCZ. If you live in Europe there are a few ok brands that have cheap PSUs like nJOY or Fortron (FSP). If you live somewhere else search for these brands and get a PSU rated higher than 450w
  7. This is my PSU look:
    and my Graphic Card requires this PSU :

    and tell me if i have good PSU for this Graphic Card
  8. If i take a sticker that says 1000w and place it on your psu. Does that make it a 1000w unit? You have to understand that cheap psus are cheap for a reason and that no-name companies in chine LIE about true specs. I've seen chineese psus with glued rocks in them to make them heavier so they appear to be of better quality...
  9. so you think problem is on my PSU ?
    can u tell me how WAT is my PSU ,because i dont understand on Photo ,somewhere is 380W ,somewhere 460W ,somewhere 350W ?
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    It doesn't matter what it says. Any system needs a quality PSU. If the PSU is bad all sort of bad things can happen, errors restarts, blue screens, freezes, including destroying components
  11. i pick as solution your answer ,but when i change my PSU ,i will tell u if i have anymore problem ,thank you
  12. I think the gpu might be dead. But that psu might be the cause of that so its a good thing you're chaning it.
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