Can non-Z Intel chipset change CPU turbo boost bins?

I'm going to do a build for my friend, he wants it to be as cheap as possible but be pretty fast. So I'm thinking of going with a Core i5 in Haswell flavour. But I see that non-K chips are fully locked down and doesn't even support the old boost bin overclocking. So I figured if I go with a cheaper lower tier i5 Ivy Bridge and overclock it using the boost bin overclock it can defeat a Haswell i5 of the same tier and match a Haswell i5 of a higher tier. But what I want to know is, does non-Z chipset like H77, B75 etc. let me change the boost bins? Or is it just on Z series chipsets like Z77 and Z67?
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  2. Gee Bee said:
    no, turbo boost is all automated under h6x, h7x.

    Ok, thanks.
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