i5 1150 socket or i7 2011 socket for gaming pc??

i am buiding my new gaming pc and i want your advice!!
i already have a gigabyte amd r9 290 windforce gpu
i going to buy 16gb ram kingston beast
and i want to know with which socket i should go!!i will see much difference between i5 and i7 at games??i will keep this pc for the next 3-4 years!!!thanks in advance!!
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  1. Best answer
    u wont b seeing much difference in gaming with i5 and i7

    better go with i5 4670k and a good z87 mobo
  2. For gaming the LGA2011 is not worth the more price over LGA1150, If you want you can go with I7 4770K on LGA1150 for minimal gains over the I5 if you have the budget for it.
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