In-Line Microphone Problem.

I just bought a Razer Hammerhead Pro earphones from an authorized Razer reseller.
Wen't home to check it out, since it's a Hammerhead PRO, it comes with an in-line mic and an Audio/Mic Splitter cable. It's a 3.5mm Jack.

My laptop is an Acer TimelineX 4830TG, been using it for more than 2 years, it's warranty has probably expired and the built-in microphone is a bit wonky and doesn't work / buzzes unless I tilt it to a certain degree. (Don't know how to fix that too, if you know how would be appreciated) So when I came back home I was all excited to test out my new pair of earphones, I attached the jack to the splitter and plugged it in. In short, sound was perfection but the microphone , did not work. However, when I test it in the Echo/ Sound Test Service on skype and my computer, it doesn't work. In Skype, my friends have told me that whenever I play a video, they could hear the video, so that means my microphone input is sensing my stereo output for some reason.

I'm pretty bummed out about it, I just bought the earphones and they don't work. They don't even get detected in the audio capture device. No idea what to do, I'm stumped. Seeking for help on what to do. Thanks in advance.
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