Problem in running crysis 3

I had installed Crysis 3 and when i try to open it , it is showing dx11 capable graphic card not found...! Is there any way of running the game in dx10???
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  1. Nope. None.

    Its a DX11 game only.

    What graphics card do you have? It may just be a driver issue.
  2. Specs please
  3. My specs :
    Intel Dual Core 2.50GHz
    Grapgics Nvidia GeForce 210GT
    RAM 2GB
    My graphic card is dx10 and it does not support dx11 and this is the main problem
    I have run many other games but few of them were under their lowest graphics :(
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    You're definitely going to need a new graphics card at the very least, as said above Crysis 3 is DirectX 11 only. You probably also need a new CPU and more RAM for optimal performance. Crysis 3 practically needs a quad core CPU, it runs horribly on dual core CPUs, and the low clock rate on your CPU wouldn't do you many favours either. Crysis 3 is one of the most demanding games out there, and you are probably looking at a full system rebuild if you want to run it well. With a new graphics card DirectX 11 GPU (Radeon HD 7750, GTX 650 or higher, don't even bother with the extreme low end cards) you might be able to just barely get the game playable on low.
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