Trying in to install Windows 8.1 but computer keeps opening Vista after selecting CD Windows 8.1 to run in boot menu :(

I am trying to load Windows 8.1 OS over my current Vista Home Premium. When 8.1 Cd is in and I restart computer to boot menu, I select CDROM but my computer starts up with Vista, it is not opening 8.1 CD. The CD opens in Vista, and my Office 365 opens in Vista so I don't think it is the CDROM. Could this be a boot menu issue, and can anyone help with it? Thanks in advance!
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  1. Did you burn the DVD yourself, or did you get it straight from MS?

    It's possible it wasn't written correctly.
  2. did you hit the boot menu key to select which device to boot? or did you set the dvd drive as 1st boot device on bios?
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    If it's a desktop, take off the side cover and disconnect the SATA lead for the HDD and then boot, if it doesn't you know it's probably your DVD. If it does, re-connect your SATA lead (You can do it with the machine running) and use Drive Options (Advanced) to delete all partitions on your HDD for a clean install to Unallocated Space. (Having backed up your data of course...)
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