How should i clean/flush my radiators?

I'm new to water cooling and im about to start building my first custom loop later this week. And I'm wondering how i should clean/flush my radiators beforehand? Will simple warm water do it? Vinegar? If you know a simple step by step guide please leave it down below thank you!
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  1. distilled water only.
  2. moulderhere said:
    distilled water only.

    Even when i flush them clean? Not tap water? I have heard that tap water is ok for flushing if you live in a country with good tap water (which I do (Sweden))
  3. Yes, it is also a good idea to periodically flush out your water cooling system. Tap water would kill your radiator by introducing contaminants to it. Use distilled water only as moulderhere said.
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    Your liquid in your water cooling system works best with distilled water. You can clean it all out, and then re-fill it.

    It has and will always work the best.
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