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I am trying to figure out the best way to move windows to a SSD from a HDD. Would a clean install be the best bet or is there a way I can just move Windows, and keep my music, videos, Programs etc..? I can do a clean install, I have the ISO disc and the key, if possible I would rather not do that so I don't have to install the programs and other items. Any thoughts on how I can do that, or would the clean install be the best bet?

Thank you
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  1. some of the SSD manufacturer include cloning software to clone the HDD to SSD.
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    Clean install is the best method. Cloning or imaging a hard drive and restoring to a SSD is just asking for trouble.
  3. OK, so I'll just need to install the ISO on the SSD, is there a way to just delete the windows items on the HDD or would I have to format the entire drive?
  4. Once you move over your data, just do a quick format on the hard drive. Windows likes to hide files and folders in inaccessible locations on the drive. There will be a boot manager partition on the hard drive you will want to remove if you are going to use it as a secondary drive.
  5. OK, thank you for your help
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