Keyboard and Mouse Failure During System Recovery

My operating system is Windows 64-bit ultimate, and I am currently having this issue where, I try to do a system recovery using a system image (through the control panel) but when my pc restarts and it gets to the first part of the system recovery, my keyboard and mouse both stop working, the lights on them both go off and they stop working. Restarting the PC normally they both work fine, its just during the system recovery part.

Any help would be much appreciated thank you
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  1. They are disabled automatically by Windows Restore to prevent you from pressing any keys or clicking on anything which could abort the process, as that could leave you with a major problem to overcome.
  2. Thankyou phill, I solved the issue, I had my boot priority for the system recovery on USB rather than my disk tray so it was trying to boot the system recovery off a USB and it was causing my mouse and keyboard to fail. Thankyou for your reply though, much appreciated :-)
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