which controller to buy for PC xbox 360 or PS3

i am looking to buy a new controller after windows 8.1 i had too many problem with drivers to get a generic gamepad work... got frustrated...
so now decided to get a good one
i am going for xbox 360 wireless to go with my windows 8.1 because i think most games will support it out of the box i dont need to search for workarounds...
i wanted to know how well will it support and how long does the AA battery last. i am thinking to get rechargable battery along with it...which should i get??


or this

or this

i am thinking for PS3 controller because its cheaper and i can charge it through my PC wont need to do the battery hassle

also should i wait for xbox one controller will it be worth it and most of all would it add anything new???

thnx all
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  1. Just a FYI, majority or most PC games do NOT support a controller or when they do not perform AS well (controller) as a Console. Further many Console Controllers don't work on PC (they don't make the driver / software for Windows), or you get some seriously bad results (most famous was using a PS3 controller and the person was spinning around in place without touching any controls). You have to really shop hard for a best working PC controller and you are limited on what games it works 'best with', with them being very expensive as well (the best ones I seen consistently work properly). So dont' feel bad or think it was yourself, or specifically Windows 8.1 to blame, controllers aren't the main PC thing because too many PC users kick controller users butts by being on K/M, so they may try a controller but come back for 'real gameplay' to K/M.
  2. no suggestion which one should i go for???
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    Xbox-360 controller is officially supported,plus most games will display the xbox 360's buttons so forget the PS3 controller
    If you buy a PS3 controller you will have to use unofficial software to work with the PC and most likely the buttons will still be displayed as if you had an x-360 controller
  4. man olis is right
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