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Ok this is a first I have not seen this happen in a long time. I understand for the most part why I get the occasional BSOD but a freeze and nothing and then my PC shutdown after about 1 minute. This is freaking me out. And there is not any info available yet that I can find about the System Failure. If anyone has any suggestion on how to prevent this I would be glad. BTW i was only watching a movie on VLC 2.12 which has had minor issues.
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  1. System specifications?
  2. Window 8 pro on 64gb SSD
    i5 3570k
    8gb KHX blu 1600mhz
    GTX 770 2gb
    Asus P8Z77 V LX
    Corsair CX750M............A couple of WD HDD's. I could not find the Memorydmp and at least the folder was empty.. After running maintenance I read "Windows was shutdown improperly" no Critical error in the reliability monitor. I could not fins anything related to the system freeze yet
  3. The CX series is not very good but it should be OK for a non overclocked system with a single card. Did you upgrade anything recently and did you use to have this problem in the past?
  4. I installed Windows 8 Pro last summer after I got all the parts to put the PC together. The only thing I added was a new WD1002FAEX 1TB HHD. and that is for storage mostly steam games and media. The only thing I have been having issues with so far was the odd Blue Screen and the only time that happened so far was a about 7 or 8 times when using Chrome Though when this was happening it all happened within a 2 month period. I did some tinkering with windows update and that has not happened for a while..knock wood..The only new stuff I added was some media and a few games from the steam sales. Though I did forget to install the MB chipset drivers.... I still have all the features from this Z77 MB available which I am not sure if is strange or normal.
  5. You can run prime 95; if errors happen during the test or if your PC crushes during the test then your system has some instability issues.
  6. I have not really ran prime95...Thought it is used as more of a CPU stability utility for Overclocking and safe temps. I have rendered a bunch of video files though some one right after another. I don't think my CPU has any errors yet.
  7. I know it is mainly used to check stability when overclocking but it can also check the stability of any system at any configuration. I rendered a video on an overclocked/undervolted system before and it went fine and the system didn't crash but afterwards while running a number of multiple tasks together the system crashed so I ran Prime95 and it showed an error right at the beginning at the test. Prme95 is a great utility to check stability. You may also check if there is a bios update available for your motherboard it could help solve your problem.
  8. I also suggest using HWMonitor to see if the system is overheating and running Memtest86+ to check for RAM errors. Even the occasional BSOD isn't really normal on a stable system. The only time I ever get BSODs on my system is when I try to push an overclock too far.
  9. I know it is the Memory. All the blue screen details were had something to do with memory. The locale ID is 1033 and I looked up the details on each crash and it is memory related. Which is weird because I went many months after the Build and installing windows before I ran into a BSOD. Also The Way my OS is and Windows 8 pro I find is very Cautious and sensitive compared to any other PC I used so far. I have had way more instability with Win XP and Windows 7 HP and not had BSOD but many hangs and all sorts of other bad things that never happen with this PC..knock wood.
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    I'm not sure why you're suffering through the freezes and BSODs, then. Kingston RAM has a lifetime warranty. I would run Memtest86+ overnight. If it has any errors at all then start the RMA process on your RAM to get it replaced. As soon as you get the new RAM do another overnight Memtest86+ run to make sure it's working properly and then enjoy your stable system.
  11. I got the RAM a long time ago when it was cheap i think i paid about 60 bucks after tax and I don't have the receipt all I have is the little package it came in. I do have some parts that I have to swap out including a 2x8gb G-skill kit that is brand knew. I will try Memtest. how long should you run it? I heard that 2 or 3 passes is fine.
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