XMP issue on MSI mobo

So I have the AMD a10 7850k APU and realized that my bios was showing my 2133 ram as 1600. I found XMP disabled, so turned that on and it has 2 profiles with the correct 2133 frequency, but after I save and reboot a windows error shows up saying that it can't find my kernel anymore... Reverting back to XMP disabled the kernel works fine and boots the OS... But still 1600 frequency. Why would the kernel stop working when XMP is enabled? is there a fix?

What I have
A10 7850k (Beta drivers)
Gskill 8(2x4) DDR3 2133
MSI A88x G43 mobo v.3.4
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  1. anonymous1 said:
    Is there a BIOS update that fixes it?

    Not that I can find. v3.4 is the latest BIOS version.
  2. Best answer
    Try raising the CPU/NB voltage to about 1.2 to 1.25 and see how that helps, it's the MC (memory controller) voltage
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