Moving OS to SSD help please :)

Hey guys I have been wanting to get an ssd for a long time now. Well I still dont have one but my friend finally got one. I've been researching for him for how to move just his OS to the SSD. I've found some articles here and there that are either very old or have comments of errors and such. the Tom's community is the only one that I really trust so I figured I'd look for help here.

Bassically: Is there a way to move just your OS over to a new SSD from your HDD SAFELY?

Thanks for any insight you can give and please refrain from any negative comments please :)
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    Your best bet really to get the OS on the SSD is to back up everything from the HDD and format it, and then install the OS on the SSD. Then add everything back on the HDD from the back up apart from the OS files. This way you will not run into any weird boot bugs etc.
  2. You mean like drag and drop? wont that be an issue with programs?
  3. I have a copy of genuine windows 7 so it wouldnt be an issue to just install it and go from there but I was just curious if there was a tool that could just move the OS over.
  4. Well you don't drag the windows files, you install that fresh on the SSD, although as long as you take the files straight from the directory (program files & program files(86x) you will probably be OK. I personally would just back up your pictures, music etc, essential files and just format the HDD and reinstall my games and programs.
  5. so after the fresh install; if I say, drag C:/program files/titanfall over to C:/program files. It should be ok. Titanfall being an example even though it would more likely be tied into origin folders and such
  6. It would probably be ok, although you would probably have to copy over the origin games and origin folder with it, I personally would just reinstall.
  7. ok. thats what I'll do. Thanks
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