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I own a Sony VAIO VPCEB36FG and i am facing a problem lately after my laptop came back from the repair shop ( i accidenlty spilled tea on the keyboard) and since then the laptop doesnt start in one go. I press the power switch,it lights up,the fan makes noise,the battery indictor works but the HDD indicator doesn't blink. Then the fan suddenly starts spinning fast for a few secs and the laptop shuts down without even the screen lighting up. I was until yesterday able to boot after 7 or 8 unsuccessful attempts and the i used to get the startup repair reconnendation which i always skipped. but now it wont boot at all. Ive spent 3 hours trying to boot windows but nothing happens. Same black screen and fan noise for few secs. I installed windows 7 SP1 a week before the laptop went for repairs. I am even skeptical if that installation was a successful one so i think that messed up my system. I really hope its a software problem. What should i do?
P.S : also my laptop battery is at critical level. Could it be the battery thats causing the problem?
**UPDATE** : i removed the hard drive and used it in other Laptop and it worked perfectly. Booted without any errors,data was intact,so i guess i can safely eliminate the HDD or OS problem from the list. Could it be the BIOS or something hardware related.?
Btw my laptop is 4 years old.
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  1. Could be a number of things. I would take it back to the shop. It worked before they had it, so I would say they didn't fix it.
  2. Thanks.
    I took it back to a technician and am expecting his reply by tomorrow. Will update this post accordingly.
  3. Now the technician says that my display chip needs replacement. I dont see how that is a reason my laptop is not booting up. I mean if there is something wrong with the display it should atleast let me boot with black screen but i cant even boot.
    What now?
  4. Hi, if you spilled some liquid on the keyboard, depending of the quantity, the liquid could reach the motherboard and with time the liquid could short-circuit a component. This is what you have right now, the laptop shuts down to protect the components. Now, you have to get it repaired.
  5. Hi. Do you mean the motherboard would need minor repairs or a replacement?
    The replacement is not an option coz i'd rather buy a new laptop than paying $200 for motherboard replacement
  6. I don't know if you need a new GPU, I didn't troubleshoot your laptop, maybe the liquid can be clean up, and the laptop will function after. Only a technician who has the motherboard in his hands can determine what is the problem from the liquid.
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