QUICK help: Used intel SSD 520 series 180GB for 65$

someone posted a add in a local site in my locality, that he wants to sell intel 520 series 180GB SSD for 65$.
He claims it as brand new, and in the photos he shown the the ISN number, when i looked up for the warrenty intel says "Estimated Warranty Expiration*: Oct 14,2017"

i want to buy this.
I have a hackinthose laptop with removable HDD tray. i will be able to check if its working or not.
Is there any thing else to check before buying?

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    I would like to see it working in a PC first before parting with money
    Copy on the contents of a windows DVD

    Or for a more thorough test format the drive (untick quick format)
    Look at serial number when about to buy

    Look for slight of hand
    Test good drive , get distracted and get a dead drive
    Make sure you meet him at his home

    If it was on Craigslist or some other websites I would expect a scam as it seems too cheap

    eBay should give some protection provided you follow the rules

    I hear too many tales of buying something too good to be true & getting ripped off


    Mike Barnes
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