DVD Drive - Can they play DVD's that are NTSC or from a different region?

Hello everyone.

So I am a peasant when it comes to this kind of thing.
I'm wondering if the DVD drive in my computer [which is most likely to be PAL since I am from Western Europe, also the model is: ATAPI iHAS124 D SCSI] can play DVD's that are from the NTSC region? I would try it out for myself but I don't want to waste my money on an NTSC DVD that isn't playable in my region.

Thanks! c;

tl;dr: Is my DVD drive for my computer compatible with multi-region DVD's?
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  1. pal and ntsc are not the same format of files see this
  2. Hi

    Most DVD drives can have the region code changed a few times
    ( usually 5)
    With the correct software you can then play the DVD
    But after a few changes the drive is stuck in that region

    You drive is SCSI which means it is very old
    ( or you are mistaken it will not be atapi & SCSI )

    A newer ATA or sata DVD drive is cheap nowadays about 15 to 20 uk pounds ( sata drives are cheeper as ATA dvd's are now rare)

    ( check if you have spare ATA or sata port)
    If you have a tower case a second DVD drive will allow you to buy us video DVDs

    Mike Barnes
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    Typically you change the region in your dvd playback software. You drive is a lite-on that is still available so it should allow up to 5 changes as stated.

    ps - I'm in the states an get dvd's from my relatives in Germany and don't have any problems playing PAL dvd's in my pc. I do have to convert them to NTSC and burn them to play in my moms standalone dvd player. (the kind that just connects to your tv)
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