Can my PSU support an ATI 7770? ATI 7750 vs ATI 8750

I have a prebuilt pc that I bought over a year ago, with a generic 300w PSU - the pc came with no GPU. Almost a year ago I bought a ATI 6670 GDDR5 Graphics card after I asking for advice on this forum. Many of the PC elitists said that my cheap generic PSU wouldn't be able to support any graphics card. So far I've had no issues and my ATI 6670 has performed beautifully.

I have contemplated in the past upgrading my PSU, so as to support a CPU/GPU upgrade. However, I have concluded (after a year considering it probably) that spending more than a 100 dollars in further upgrades to my 400 dollar PC would not be worth the effort and expense. Nor can I afford more than 100 dollars roughly in upgrades.

I know that newer GPU's are using less and less power from PSU's, so I'm wondering if I can get away with upgrading to a ATI 7770 on my generic 300w PSU.

You should all take into account that PSU 'requirements' are not always firm, but more as a vague guide-line. In my own personal experience my 300w PSU has done just fine despite the experts telling me that it would kill my computer, and it's been a year now with my ATI 6670.

I have a rough idea that if the ATI 7770 doesn't use more than 10 or 20 percent more power than the ATI 6670, I should be Ok. Can anybody confirm this? Also, I'm a newb at computer upgrading, but I beleive some fancier GPU's require specific connectors or something. Hmm..

I'm also contemplating getting the ATI 7750, as I've heard it doesn't require any special 6-pin connectors, etc. With a generic PSU I could run the risk of not having the requirement connectors (not sure what they are exactly). Does a 8750 also not require any special connectors, does it use more power than the ATI 7750?
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  1. First check if it has a 6 pin pcie power connector, your 6670 didnt need it but the 7770 does, then theres a table on the side of the psu, on 12v+ check the amps it can output. I'll be honest I wouldnt even try, can see where the 'elitists' are coming from it could break other components and even cause data loss. Can you not find even a corsair vs350? It would be a much better bet, I use one with an a8 5600k and hd 7770 just fine but its the bare minimum tbh just while I save up.
  2. Btw, fwiw you might not want to spend 100$ on a psu for an old 400$ pc, but you'll still have a capable psu you can remove for a future pc/build or even sell when the pc is eol. A good case and psu is an investment that will out last many other internals.
  3. If you want to list the specs on your PC we can at least comment whether you should bother to upgrade that or build a new one at some point.
  4. In principle, it should work. The main problem is: how long.

    I have owned many cheap 250-350W PSUs and most of them lasted 2-3 years under low to moderate load before their output caps failed. I refurbished them with high quality caps and they are still working 7-10 years later. None of the PCs I used those in used more than ~150W and I never tried finding out exactly how much power they can manage before something breaks down or protections kick in.

    At one point, I was running my C2D-E8400 with HD5770 on a 250W PSU. (It was a heavy-duty Fortron PSU, worked great until an AC power surge killed it.)

    Results can vary wildly depending on PSU build quality. Some cheaply designed or built PSUs can blow up or shut down even at 50% load. Some of them will even kill other components in the process... or survive to kill more components another day.
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    There is no 8750, and even if there was it would probably just be a rebadged 7750.

    I would recommend a GTX 750 Ti, since it uses about as much power as the 6670 but is considerably more powerful. The most powerful GPU that works without a 6-pin PCIe power connector.
  6. hey there! the 7770 is 27% more power consuming but it is TDP (i.e 6670 has 63 WATTs and 7770 has 80 WATTs) so it is capable of draining 27% more power at peak usage.
    It requires a 6 pin connector aswell( most of them)
    to check whether ur PSU can support or not see the label on PSU read that the amps on 12 V1 +12v2 rail are more thn 17 or not?(some have one 12V rail others have two.
    label usually have Voltage and amps written up- down. some even write the wattage bellow rails( 175W+ should b ok)
    if Amps are more thn 18 it should be ok for your card.

    pls. even if it does run your card I wouldn't recommend it for long run as it has been used more thn a year so the power output wdnt be 100% now.
    Conc: I would suggest you to buy PSU 450W with 18+18 amps it will be good investment for sure.
    or you can use the psu for sometime(if it satisfies the above mentioned conditions)

    your PSU will run the card well but at 100% usage of your computer( i.e gaming), 35% chances are that it wd do smthing stupid.

    check out this link to calculate hw much power do you actually need.
    PM me if you still want me to clarify something.
    or mark answer if it explained everything well.
  7. s9y143 said:
    hey there! the 7770 is 27% more power consuming but it is TDP (i.e 6670 has 63 WATTs and 7770 has 80 WATTs) so it is capable of draining 27% more power at peak usage.

    The 6670 has a TDP of 66W, not 63W.

    Anyway, the GTX 750 Ti has an even lower TDP, at 60W. And the GTX 750 Ti is significantly more powerful than both the 6670 and the 7770. So again, the GTX 750 Ti would be my recommendation here.
  8. well he only has $100 so that rules out the 750ti, basically with the power restrictions and cost a 7750 would be a safe bet but not much bette than what your running now.
  9. I use an intel i3 2100 3.1Ghz cpu, 4gb ram, ATI 6670 GDDR5 GPU, 1TB hard-drive. Windows 7. 300w generic psu.
  10. I think I will likely get the 750ti, tbh. I saw this card suggested in another thread by somebody asking a similar question as mine, and it's starting to look very amazing. How on earth did they make a card this power-efficient that apparently can get over 30fps on battlefield 4? =) It's worth the extra 40 dollars to not screw around with PSU's or figuring out where which wires go where, etc. I know some people will shake their heads at me for this but eh, I probably have no right to call myself a pc-builder in the first place, all I did was buy a pre-built pc and then stick a graphcs card in it. Real complicated.

    I'm wondering how I can sell my ATI 6670. It's a very good card, it's Saphire GDDR5, with 1gb or 2gb of memory. Excellent beginner card for a amateur PC enthusiast. Too bad Fry's isn't like gamestop, where I can just walk in and sell a graphics card. I'd be happy to even get 30 dollars for it. I think I payed 80..
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