Asus: Computer starts up to a black screen with white cursor

I just built this computer about 2 months ago and everything has been running just fine until about 3 days ago. I go to turn my computer on and it goes to a black screen with a little white cursor in the top left hand corner (not a mouse cursor just text). The only way I was able to get into the bios was by hitting the reset power button and then the asus screen appeared.

While in bios I didn't notice anything out of the ordinary. I went into boot priority and everything was setup normally and the only way I can get windows to start is by going to boot menu and clicking on the hard drive. After that the computer starts just fine and is working fine but when I go to restart the computer, the black screen comes back up.

Any ideas / solutions to fix this issue? I haven't tried resetting the bios to defaults, thinking there may be an easy solution to the problem.
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  1. Not enough info in your post really.

    List all part used and configuration (overclocked or not etc.). Have you made any recent changes to the system? Plugged anything new in?
  2. do you use multiple harddisks ?
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