No default gateway on NetGear N600 wireless router?

Hello guy's and gal's,

Over the weekend my mother's D-Link Wireless Router died on us and I picked up a NetGear N600 wireless router for her, problem is the computer (laptop Windows Vista) will only connect to "Local Only". I also noticed that there's no default gateway at all for this router! Vista is fully updated, these NetGear Dual band N600 wireless routers are a ***** to setup. I even tried their genie, still no gateway.

I called Netgear support and they took remote control of the computer and he showed me that there were 34 failed Vista important updates so when the tech told me that he wanted $300 dollars to fix it I told him to get lost! Then he stated there were 34 registry errors I then went to look at the update history and there wasn't a single failed update at all. I ran CCleaner and it didn't find anything wrong, computer is super fast and seems in good health.

What the heck is the problem?

Any feedback greatly appreciated!
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  1. what are the color of the light in the front of it also you have to use wired connection to put in the mac address of the wireless device on the permit list top acces the router .
  2. Defualt gateway should be the IP of the router which is genearlly 192.168.x.1 (The x is different depending on model and custom settings)

    Where are you seeing there is no gateway?

    Also is the router assigning you an IP address in local mode?

    Is the computer possibly set to use a static IP instead of Dynamic?

    Can you login to the webgui of the router?
  3. I had a similar problem, where it showed connected but local connection only.......I had the passphrase correct, however I had the security protocols wrong........I changed it from WPA/WPA2 tkip and Aes to WPA2/AES only and away it went.....
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