Is my PC out of RAM, and should I add dual or triple channel RAM?

Hi there,

My PC seems to be spending a lot of time loading data from the HDD and I believe this is causing a bottleneck in my system (it's not an antivirus scan or anything like that).
I'm nearly out of HDD space so need to get a second drive and have been considering an SSD as an upgrade option.

However, it just dawned on me it could be the memory causing the issue, leading to the PC needing to write to the drive instead. Can anyone please confirm my suspicions?

My PC spec is Intel i7-920 2.67GHz processor and X58 chipset.
4 GB of 1066 Samsung (2x 1GB, 1x 2GB) Ram.
The mobo is a PB TBGM01 (which appears to be a Packard Bell/Gateway proprietary mobo).
The Graphics card is a Geforce GTS 250 1GB.
Windows 7 Pro, 5.9 experience score, with all elements above 7 except "Disk Data Transfer Rate" at 5.9.
I use it for general office activities, streaming to xbox360, some video format conversion, DVD burning, youtube, photoshop work, and some gaming.

This is what my task manager looks like right now (photoshop has nothing loaded so not using much RAM):

The Crucial system scanner reports my memory config as this:

CPU-Z reports this:

The scanner states a supportable RAM total of 12 GB however I thought Win 7 Pro could handle much more than that? Is this a limitation of my mobo?

What would be my best option to resolve this please? Should I add some Crucial RAM to accompany the existing RAM, or rip out the Samsung ram and replace it all with new stuff?

The mobo appears to support triple channel and dual channel, so what would be the best way to replace/add RAM please (smaller ram, triple channel, bigger ram, dual channel etc)?

If I do upgrade the SSD, I will probably add a 120GB Evo 840 and move the OS and core programs to the SSD, and leave the other programs and add user profiles etc on the existing HDD.

Thanks for reading!
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  1. I'd recommend getting two matching sticks of 4GB and swapping them for the two 1G sticks, then you can have 10G of RAM. As to the question of if you are running out? Depending on what you do, 4 is usually not enough. Personally, I (while I am kind of a power user) am frequently using 11 gigs of my 12. But as long as you don't have too many chrome tabs and other programs open at once, or don't use photoshop, 4 could be enough for your needs.
  2. The quickest way to speed things up would be to add(or replace) the memory. 8GB should be enough depending on what you're doing.
  3. If you have three slots, get your 8GB kit and then use that other 2GB for 10, I just saw that you used photoshop (I had kinda gone over that bit) so you need more than 4GB definitely.
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