i5 4440 vs 4570

which one should I go i5 4440 or 4570 ? my pc in use 12-14 hours so is any temp heating issue with 4570 if not in heavy use or may be sometimes in heavy use
plz help me to decide which one is good for multitasking and normal games not so heavy & wats the advantage of 300 Ghz more clock speed
thank you....
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  1. i5 4570 is better and there wont be any heat issue with normal usage
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    The 4570 will be slightly faster, but will also be a little pricier.

    300 MHz is a small difference. You shouldn't see much of a performance difference between the 2 CPUs. Either will be able to multitask and both are suited for gaming with a dedicated graphics card.

    Temperature shouldn't be a problem with either CPU.
  3. The Core clock is 100Mhz higher, but the turbo boost is 300Mhz higher.

    If all four cores are being utilized, the i5 4570 will probably be 200Mhz higher at most.

    This will basically mean for RAW power it may be ~7% faster. This will probably not be noticeable for you.

    If you can get the it 4570 for ~$10 more though it would be worth it.

    You won't have to worry about any overheating issue unless you're encoding media constantly, or other super number crunching applications.
  4. thank you all
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